The Eli Wilson Difference

The Eli Wilson Difference

If you’ve been looking for the best goaltending school on planet earth, look no further.


Our promise to our goaltenders is to provide nothing but the best in every area. Our coaches and shooters will all have experience of playing at a high level. From the moment the camp begins, you will be treated as a professional. At registration, you will receive your Eli Wilson Goaltending/CCM jersey and be assigned to your dressing room. Two shooters at each station will ensure that our goaltenders face hard and accurate shots. Our coaches will not be shooting; they are there to help the goaltenders and control the shooters. With an iPad at each station, our coaches are able to give feedback and show the goaltenders any areas to improve on. All drills will be filmed. We focus on progression of the entire group of goaltenders, pulling from the top and pushing from the bottom to maximize improvements. Each drill will begin with a demonstration, followed by a brief explanation of the details. All of our drills will be with controlled shooters shooting appropriately based on the age and skill level of each goaltender. Our philosophy is that the time spent by goaltenders practicing the drill is 100% more valuable than the time spent talking about it. Our drills will be purposefully executed with an intense pace, and our coaches and shooters will be pushing you to be at your best every single rep. After your ice time, you will experience our off-ice program, designed specifically for goaltending skill development. With focus on hand-eye coordination, balance, puckhandling skill development, and vision training, we are ensuring that your time spent off the ice is not just filler. We are always working to make our goaltenders better. We often see off-ice programs that are too physically demanding and take away from the on-ice portion of the camp. While we do push our athletes to be intense and focused, it is far more important to be rested for the ice times. We guarantee good lunches with pasta, protein, and salad. We are more than happy to cater to any allergies or food sensitivities, please send us an email so we can make arrangements. We promise to provide an atmosphere that is highly competitive and intense, yet positive and fun. We want you to be the best you possibly can.

You will see:

  • Professional coaches
  • High level shooters working with the goaltenders
  • iPad at every station
  • Proper progression through the week
  • Strong off-ice program to make goaltenders better
  • High quality jerseys
  • Proper net pegs
  • Healthy lunches
  • Clean facilities



Don’t get left behind.

There are goaltending schools that are considered good, there are some that are considered better, but there is only one that is the worldwide leader in goaltending development and is truly the best.

Sign up for our camps and watch your game go from good, to better, to the best.



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