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Eli continually improves his training methodology through both technical and strategic enhancements as the game continues to evolve.

The one thing that never changes is Eli’s philosophy of “Keep It Simple”.

Below are key elements that Eli focuses on in the development of his students.


  I have worked with Eli pretty much since I started playing goal as a kid. The things that have always stood out to me are his intensity on the ice and his genuine passion for the position. I continue to enjoy working with him and talking with him about goaltending to this day. 

- Devan Dubnyk

  Eli is sharing a lifetime's worth of learned secrets in Hockey Goaltending. I am happy to know that the next Patrick Roy. Martin Brodeur. or Carey Price will have taken part of their game from my good friend Eli:  

- Ray Emery




A goaltender needs to be taught the fundamentals of the position in a specified order. Building from the “bottom up” is of utmost importance. Without the essentials being taught first, there is no foundation on which to build.







Eli believes in developing goaltenders playing at the higher levels of hockey by removing elements from their game rather than adding and making things more complicated and convoluted.






Day in day out

Working on basics and improving upon a strong foundation every day is the key to consistency in goaltending development. The importance of repetitions of simple movements and saves the basics can never be overstated. Eli instills that work ethic and understanding in all his goaltenders.






Path of direction

The concept of path of direction is essential. Goaltenders must always be conscious about covering of the middle of the net as a focal point of all movements. Whether moving forward, backward or side to side, the goaltender must take away the middle of the net from opposing shooters.






Lead side focus

There is a temptation for goaltenders to want to load up to move in the opposite direction. The tendency is
to build momentum by pulling away to drive into the desired position. Loading up to move into position means that the first movement has the goaltender backing away from the required destination. Lead side focus requires being in one position and moving to the next in the most efficient manner. The lead side of the body should go from current position into the next. The same remains true in save technique. Goaltenders should only move towards the puck with the lead side of their body.






Feet Neutral

The concept of keeping your feet in a neutral position is to enable the goaltender the ability to move in any direction at any time. For example, if facing a straight on shot, rather than going into a wide stance, simply keep the feet in a neutral position to be ready for the shot or an unexpected pass.






Carrying the hands

The goaltender should always have his hands up and in a ready position. It is a conscious decision to be aware of the hands. This will provide the goaltender with a mindset that his hands are providing ample protection and in turn will respond expediently to shots aimed at either the glove or blocker side.





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